Essie Gel Couture -beauty market Review

Monday, 25.07.2016 6 Allgemein, Beauty
Essie Gel Couture 01

Hello everyone,How some of you have certainly already got, there is a new gel varnish of Essie. The collection is called gel Couture. Now even the classical packaging has changed. Now the bottles are turned into each other instead of just. This varnish should also have a new paintbrush. The new collection should contain 42 […]

MayBeauty – Incredible Face Mask

Monday, 18.07.2016 15 Allgemein, Beauty

Hello everyone,I might test a really great mask from for you. Besides, it concerns the Incredible Face Mask. She should remove blackhead and skin scales at few minutes. Moreover, she should also bend forward acne and remove oils on the skin.The main ingredient of the mask is deep-sea mud. Auxiliary materials in the mask […]

Dress with Cardigan and Chloé Drew

Wednesday, 06.07.2016 23 Allgemein, Fashion

Hello everyone, Today I show you sometimes a little bit other look. I have ordered myself a grey long, clinging dress from H&M, because these clothes are momentary also very much in the trend. They remind me always of the clothes of Kim Kardashian. In any case, these clothes are very comfortable. I could fall […]

My #23 Birthday with my Outfit

Saturday, 02.07.2016 27 Allgemein, Fashion
Geburtstag 23 -1

Hello everyone, On Wednesday I have become 1 year older again. In this contribution I would like to tell you like my birthday was so. We have remained open to midnight and then I might open the first present. It was a very sweet diadem. Of course I have immediately put on it and have […]

My second trip to London

Monday, 20.06.2016 36 Allgemein, Fashion, Travel
London Trip 01

Hello everyone ! The last week I have travelled for 3 days to London with my friend. We have to us with the Blakemore hotel in Hyde Park eingebucht again and have got even a room Upgrade. We had booked, actually, a favorable one, because we anyway most time would be on the move, however, […]

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