Think Pink Part 2 – H&M Sweater with Ecco Clutch

Thursday, 20.10.2016 38 Allgemein, Fashion

Hello everyone ! Now in this contribution an outfit with the popular pullover of the H&M shows you. I could get hold of him even in the shopping Week and have saved a little. Only unfortunately, I have ordered him to myself too largely. He is cut much greater than I thought. When I have […]

Think Pink Part 1 – Pink with Grey and Gucci

Monday, 17.10.2016 52 Allgemein, Fashion

Hello everyone ! At the moment the colour is a pink again moulder, hence, I imagined I you a nice series in addition makes. Long time I could start with this colour nothing and have sold something in my old clothes or gives away in this colour. And now I agree just not enough of […]

Cold Days with Desigual

Wednesday, 12.10.2016 44 Allgemein, Fashion

Hello everyone, today I would like to show you the trend brand Desigual. I create for you an autumn/winter look. The look fits for meets with friends or the family. And activities like ice-skating and walking. This wonderful cord pullover will perfectly prevent me from freezing. The outfit is derived with nice patterned trousers and […]

My Glamour Shopping Week Haul

Sunday, 09.10.2016 45 Allgemein, Fashion

Hello everyone ! Nevertheless, so now is over really, (unfortunately), again a glamor shopping Week. In this contribution I would like to show you briefly what was allowed with me with and could save how much I with every part. However, on the one hand I am also glad about the fact that the week […]

Five Years – Only You and Me

Thursday, 06.10.2016 35 Allgemein, Fashion

Hello everyone, I am five years now with my friend together and cannot fancy a life without him at all. I am really grateful that I have him. Some people have left me already in the worst manner and he was there always for me. It is really my rock in the surf. We like […]

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