Halloween is coming soon with Scarf by ilymix

Wednesday, 28.09.2016 41 Allgemein, Fashion

Hello everyone,Yes it is limited so far! October stands before the door. I cannot deny that it is one of my favorite months. The sheets change colour, everywhere pumpkins and my friend I have in some days our anniversary again. 5. already meanwhile. Like the time passes is astonishing. This Shooting is one of the […]

Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme

Sunday, 25.09.2016 46 Allgemein, Fashion

Hello everyone !Today, finally, I may present you what has entered 7 weeks ago with us. When I of this more or less affordable Gucci Tasche found out about the on-line shop LUISAVIAROMA I had to show to my friend this pocket immediately. Of course I had to fight against the argument that I own […]

Black elegant Streetstyle Look for Fall

Wednesday, 21.09.2016 57 Allgemein, Fashion

Hello everyone !Today I show you an outfit that I would not carry privately certainly so. It is a quite risqué outfit. But for it it is simple and very elegantly with look at the legs. I would probably carry one more Leggings under the dress – otherwise am rather contented. This outfit is suited […]

SheIn Coat with black Details

Sunday, 18.09.2016 61 Allgemein, Fashion

Hello everyone, Today I would like to present to you a look with my newest coat. It is a very light material itself perfectly for the crossing to the autumn is suited. It is from SheIn and costs even only 24.45€. Especially nicely in this coat I also find tender Rose. But also the cut […]

Dark Blue Mango Dress with Boots

Wednesday, 14.09.2016 54 Allgemein, Fashion

Hello everone, Today I present to you a look with my new mango dress. I was the last week with a friend with mango inside and we were really surprised. I cannot exactly say you whether it was simply due to the fact that we have Zara übergesehen to us. In any case, we have […]

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