Grey, Black and Nude

Wednesday, 20.09.2017 9 Allgemein, Fashion

Hallo ihr lieben ! Nach fast 8 Monaten melde ich mich bei euch zurück. Aus beruflichen Gründen habe ich mich im Februar dazu entschlossen, meinen Blog erstmal auf Eis zulegen. Nun möchte ich dieses Hobby wieder versuchen in meinen Alltag zu integrieren. Aber ein paar Änderungen wird es trotzdem geben. Ich werde nur noch maximal […]

The typical Zara Streetstyle Look

Wednesday, 01.02.2017 50 Allgemein, Fashion

Hello my dears ! Today I’ll show you a classic Zara Blogger look. Also this spring they will be modern again – the tulle and pleated skirts! For the spring, I absolutely need one in Rosa. Also my last sale order with Zara was made just by the way. At the moment I have another […]

Jane Kønig Necklace

Wednesday, 25.01.2017 34 Allgemein, Fashion

Hello my dears ! This is my first product presentation in this new year and it is about jewelry. Something we women can never get enough of. Today, I introduce you to the simple and timeless LoveTag anchor chain made of gilded silver by Jane Kønig. She is given super-beautiful, simple and timeless jewelery in […]

One Day in Berlin

Monday, 16.01.2017 47 Allgemein, Travel

Hello my dears ! After half a year I finally dared to go outside Hamburg again. I went with a friend for one day by train to Berlin. It was a very impressive day for me, as I did not really know much about Berlin, except for the Brandenburg Gate. In general, I know but […]

Healthy Food #01 – Avocado

Thursday, 12.01.2017 23 Allgemein,

Hello my dears ! With this post I open the new category food on my blog! Many of you have written that they find the topic of Fitness & Co. interesting and now I have decided to report on healthy dishes / products from time to time. Write me super gladly in the comments if […]

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